The Ultimate 2000 replacement window will pay for itself faster than any other home improvement. Customers report 20 to 40 percent in energy savings. Reduced dust and cold draughts are another benefit. They come in single hung, double hung, casements, and picture windows in several colors. Call for your free cost analysis today.  Watch the Video.


Our Ultra 2000 siding panel is the most hail resistant, longest lasting, and best looking siding panel available. You never paint again, and the perpetual beauty makes this siding the best choice for your great American home. It comes in many colors and profiles to give your home that one of a kind appearance. Let us bring a sample to your home and do a free, no obligation estimate.  Watch the Video.


We offer steel and composition roofing. From the basic 3 to the laminate and from the standing seam steel to the shake and tile, we have it all. Our class IV roofing materials will give you a 25% discount on your insurance premium. Free roof inspection, professional roofers, and working with some insurance adjustments is what we offer. Because we are a full service construction company we can also take care of the other items on the adjustment and, when completed, invoice your insurance company for you so you get your second check quickly.  Watch the Video.


 Brick homes still have wooden overhangs and, in many cases, gables that require painting. Our soffit and fascia systems cover the entire overhang which will never have to be painted again. The systems come in many colors and are tailored to exactly fit each individual home. We can cover porch ceilings, window and door jambs, and garage door frames to completely eliminate maintenance while adding perpetual beauty.


You will enjoy your patio more with an insulated patio cover from Ultra Exteriors. The insulation prevents heat from radiating downward and making your patio unbearable. The top is made with 3″ of high density foam sandwiched in between metal. These covers are maintenance free and sold with a lifetime warranty. If flying insects are a problem, add a screen room under your patio cover. Now you can enjoy the outdoors without the pesky flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects.  Watch the Video.


Vehicles have become so expensive it’s hard to see them parked outside in the weather. Sun and hail damage are just a fact in west Texas. We offer several different carports from the basic red iron with steel roofs to the very attractive “W” pan or “Flat pan” covers. If you live in a city beware of the setback restrictions of that city. In many instances carports cannot be installed without a city variance if they are going in front of the house. Watch the Video.


From a simple workshop to a garage or bardeminium, we can handle your steel building needs. From design to turn key we can construct any size for you. Adding living quarters to a steel building has become very popular and could be the perfect solution for your family. Remember: It never costs to shop with us.  Watch the Video.

When you consider remodeling your home’s exterior, we know you want facts without a drawn-out sales pitch, truth about the materials and their warranty, trustworthy and quality installers, credibility, and reasonable pricing. Ultra Exteriors will make sure you get all of the above!