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Thinking About Spas and
Walk-in Bathtubs?

I know what you want:

  • Information about the products... NO 2 hour sales presentation.
  • Truth about the materials and the warranty.
  • You want to know that we have qualified installers.
  • Testimonials of others who have used our company.
  • You want to know that our pricing offers superior quality and service at a reasonable price.

If I'm right, I'm the contractor for YOU!

I'm not not the cheapest, nor the most expensive... but my customers say I'm the best! From the initial sales call to the finished job, I strive to always treat you like I want to be treated.

When I shop for anything the biggest turn-off is a pushy salesperson. What I really want are the facts. What are you selling, why is it better, what are the warranties, and how much does it cost. From there I can make the decision of whom I want to do business with. I never buy the cheapest, but I don't want to overpay for quality.

Check out the products we recommend, watch the videos, check out the picture gallery and by all means check out our referral section.

We Offer

  • Stability - 36 years in business, over 6,000 jobs done.
  • Highest quality products.
  • Best installers.
  • Attention to details.
  • Job cleanup after installation.
  • Best labor warranties.
  • Satisfaction before payment.
  • We value our customers, they are the foundation of our success.